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4 Essential Video Production Tips

Humans have become visual creatures and with the rise of graphic images came the rise of video content. Great video content can impact the human psyche more than any single image or audio clip. Video production is no simple task and while most videographers love their jobs, it can be tedious. We have comprised a list of the four essential video production tips you will need to ensure that your content is as professional and memorable as possible.

Composition Principle – Rule of Thirds

The famous ‘Rule of Thirds’ is a basic rule to follow to produce interesting and well-balanced shots. The concept is to imagine breaking the focus image up into thirds both vertically and horizontally, then framing the shot so that your focus element is along the lines that separate your thirds and ultimately positions is at one of the four points where those lines meet.

Filming Shorter Takes

Filming shorter takes generates a lot of benefits during production and post-production. This allows you more opportunity to reshoot scenes you aren’t happy with and more flexibility to eliminate any content that you aren’t using in your final video without making the transitions in the video look choppy.

Plan Ahead

One of the most important keys in production is to plan the content of your video. Production itself is already a timely and costly process and planning procedures such as script writing and identifying your target market beforehand, contribute to complication free production and guarantees that your content is relevant and not saturated with an overflow of images that obscure your goal and vision.

Use The Power Of Emotion 

The thing that drives viewers and consumers above all else, is emotion. When content evokes emotion, viewers are more likely to follow your call to action. Whether it is sharing your video or buying a product.

Video production/Videography is a unique and interesting business that is influential in many avenues of media. With years of experience in the industry and passion driven videographers, Out Of The Box Production prides itself on its work and ethics. Contact us today to discuss how we can elevate your video content to the next level.