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4 great reasons why video increase conversions

4 great reasons why video increase conversions

This of course is a broad statement! we can’t really say that all videos increases conversion. Some could have the adverse effect 🙁

Let’s be real, low quality videos won’t help you done bit. It might end up hurting you more in the end.

This is why we are going to go through the main 4 reasons videos help with conversions.

Number 1 – Complicated made simple: 

Writing has it’s limitation. It’s hard to grab people’s attention and secondly it’s even harder to write a compelling piece to explain completed procedure. This is why we see who many how to videos. Simple and effective.

In a video, you can explain that complicated process in a couple of minutes.

Could you see yourself writing a whole article on that! That would be very hard and arguably very infective.

Same thing when talking about comparison of products.

I would rather see a product in action rather than read about it.

Number 2 – It’s more believable: It’s hard for the reader to connect with a writer. You can include a picture of the writer to add some authenticity but in the end, it’s better to see the person talk on screen rather than simply read about it. It’s like a book that turns into a movie…you cannot read a Harry Potter book and not picture Daniel Radcliffe in it. The video has the effect of setting you image in the customers mind and even if you do write articles after that, they can still picture you as the narrator.


Number 3 – Show me don’t tell me: You can say a lot of things but when it comes down to crunch time, showing it will silence any non believers. You have a great product? Just get a video of it.

Number 4 – People are extremely lazy: Finally, reading is “exhausting” and it takes a lot of effort to go through a long article and make sense of it all after. Remember it takes no effort to click “Play”.

A survey by Usurv found that users are 39% more likely to share and 36% more likely to comment on an online video compared to a text article.

Remember that ladies and gentlemen.

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