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4 Tips for Developing Fresh Video Content Ideas

  • Posted on September 7, 2012
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4 Tips for Developing Fresh Video Content Ideas

1. Pay attention to what’s working with your audience. It’s often difficult working through what is good and what is not when it come to ideas for video content. Many creators put up everything whether it is good or not. That is a good way to learn, but it’s also a very slow way to grow subscribers.
2. Create a structured schedule. Not only will this make it easier for you to plan content, but it will let your subscribers know what to expect from your channel.
3. Find ways you can utilize an idea for more than one video. For example, Josh will produce a video of the song parodies, a Q&A video, a behind the scenes video and a a final video where he performs live. With this structure he essentially has one video that requires a lot of work to come up with and put together and the others are supplemental videos that provide good content for his subscribers but are easy for him to produce.
4. Utilize a creative team to come up with ideas. Make sure you have a group of people – friends, family, etc that you can bounce ideas off of to help brainstorm good ideas for your content. This will not only help you to come up with more unique ideas but this way you have individuals that can help let you know if an idea is good or not.

Source: How to Develop Fresh Ideas for Creative Video Content [Creator’s Tip #55]
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