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5 Reasons to adopt online video

When listening to Nicola Mendelsohn at the conference in London on June 14th, we understand that facebook will be most certainly mobile going forward and it will probably be mainly video.

Snapchat just dethroned twitter and went 3rd in the list of top social media platform. (behind Facebook and Instagram)

Marketers need to understand that there is no denying that video is the future. Driving your message with compelling and relevant video content will be key to the success of any marketing campaign.


5 Reasons to adopt Online Video Marketing

If this news hasn’t prompted you to contact a video production company yet, here are five more reasons to do it.

#1 Moving beats static

We can process video way faster than any amount of text. Most information that enters our brain is non-verbal and as humans, we seek out what is visually compelling. If you don’t believe me…run an A/B test on your social media marketing. Add 2 adsets and have video on one of them and have a photo on the other with the same message. Monitor the conversions…

Video is cut through…

#2 Video can form an emotional bond

There is great value in connecting with your consumers on a deep and personal level.

Look at Dove beauty sketch or The world’s toughest job

Video can pull the right heartstrings when shown to the right type of customers. This will make them not only buy from you but also love you as a brand for acknowledging them for their strength.

#3 Invest when it counts

Video doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Sometimes, it is necessary for a required project but most of the time it can be a rather simple and cheap job. With drones now we can capture amazing footage and even tell a story.

We did this simple video for Heat Exchanger WA who wanted to save a 400 year old tree. The land was destined for redevelopment and the tree would have been destroyed.


#4 Video has a massive impact on Conversion Rates

You can use online video to draw customers in and then use compelling arguments to persuade them to buy your product.


#5 It’s All in the Numbers

If you need more convincing, look at these stats:

So, when are you going to create your next video production


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