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IINET’s Comm Videos

  • Posted On March 28, 2011
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We’ve been working hard on a batch of 5 videos for IINET’s communication department. They will include some nice videos and we are quite excited to see how the result will look. We were able to take a kind of a creative approach for some of the videos and the videos will probably be up in a few weeks. We are also in charge of streaming the top geek competition for them next Friday. It will be an interesting product and hopefully some of you guys can tune in to have a look. Will keep you posted 🙂


  • Posted On January 24, 2011
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I am just going to say a few words here concerning websites. I come across a lot of businessmen that don’t seem to understand the power of a website. In order to comprehend that topic better, lets go back in time for a moment. As a kid what i remember the most is the shop where i used to go with my parents to buy toys. I remember that big signage in the middle of the shopping centre (which was a collection of 3 shops at the time) i will never forget how excited i was everytime i saw that signage because it meant i was getting a new toy.

Second story, i remember one day the kitchen tap and water started flowing everywhere in the house. My dad wasn’t there and my mom needed the tap fixed otherwise it would have flooded the house. She took the yellow pages, looked in the required section and the picked the first one she got which was ” AAA plumbing” and i always thought to myself what an ugly name for a plumbing company.

I later realized 2 things, first one is “As long as your clients are excited to come to your shop. you are never gonna run out of clients” and second point is “Your brand should always be the first thing the client sees”. The yellow pages are classified in an alphabetical order and what that man did, was to make sure that the first plumbing company someone would see in the pages would be his.

We should all start to realise that the signage to your shop nowadays is your website and that search engine like google, Yahoo, Bing etc… are more and more the way people search for services/product providers. Your website should be simple and graphically nice as well as well ranked in those search engine. Later in this book you’ll have 2 choices, either you decide to build your own website, or you contract a company to do it. We gonna try to cover both.

WEB 2.0 ??

  • Posted On December 28, 2010
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Chapter 1.1: Web 2.0 Vs Web 1.0

i would like to start off by explaining in my own terms what you will be dealing with now that you’ve considered creating or enhancing your online identity. I would like to explain to you how i see this matter of web 2.0 vs web 1.0. I know a lot of people will say “i didn’t know that there was a web 1.0 to begin with” well apparently there is. Anyway, for me Web 1.0 is like a man standing on a chair and giving his views to a public. What it means is that the “man” is actually a website/company giving information or views on products or matters. Web 2.0 is more like a collection of friends talking about subjects and discussing about it together. These are the new type of websites where they allow you to write your thoughts or ideas.

I think it will help tremendously your business to grow because it will allow people to say why your service/product does or doesn’t work for them and obviously help you in updating your product to be able to satisfy more customers. When you think about it, its the most valuable information available to a company, being able to be in your customers head and  being able to adapt your product/services to their needs.

For example, if you go in a restaurant with your wife, you order the food and it arrives late and it doesn’t even taste good. A vast majority of people will say the same thing when the waiter comes and ask “how was your meal sir?”, most of us will say “good, thank you” as most of us want to avoid a useless conflict knowing that they will probably never come back. What does that tell us? that we are not able know that the customer was unhappy and therefore we lose that customer. With the web 2.0 you have the opportunity to make your customers speak and gain valuable information in the same process.

Advertising ? Video Production Perth

  • Posted On December 12, 2010
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Online Advertising

Advertising? is it evil? is it good? Well i personally think advertising is simply a way for a product or a business to be heard, a bit like shouting your name to a bunch of strangers; Sometimes people remember your name sometimes not. I think the whole problem lies in the fact that those people are strangers and that a majority of them don’t care about your name.

I have this vision as a kid of my dad reading the morning papers EVERYDAY, he would take out the business review and throw the rest away. I would personally read only the sport sections, simply because i wasn’t interested with the rest of it. What does that tell us?

Well, it tells us that we are limited to what the newspapers or what the tv wants us to read/watch. That was fair enough 10-15 years ago but nowadays we have the best advertising tool in front of us and most of us seems to underestimate its power. If i wanted to buy a car and the front page of the newspapers was a car advertiser…it would be the best advertising i would have ever seen. We can’t do that though because we can’t print a different newspaper for each one that wants to buy a copy. Well, this whole concept easily works on internet.

I went to a lot of lectures talking about internet, twitter, facebook, rss feeds and how the whole “thing” could help your business and i realized that the speakers were so excited by these new concepts that they forgot to start at the beginning.

In the coming weeks, i’ll publish what i think may help a few people in getting started with the whole business/website/advertising deal 🙂

Olivier Mamet