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Creating an explainer video, The right Way!

  • Posted On January 12, 2015
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Do you want to create an explainer video? One of those videos that lasts maybe 2 minute or so and explains what your product or services does? Almost every website has one nowadays. It’s a nifty little product that allows your prospective customers to get an account first hand of what you do and how you do it.

If your explainer video doesn’t boost your conversion rate or make you money, it’s not because the idea is bad but probably the approach to it all is wrong.

Here are a few tips to help your videos be better.

1) It’s not about the video:

The most important aspect of the video is not the video itself but in fact the script. A good script can do it all.

That is why at OOTB Video Production Perth, we don’t write the script all by ourselves. We don’t know your business like you do. That is why we prefer to work together with our clients with the same goal in mind: Conversions

2) writing a good script

Since you are focusing on your customers (or prospective ones) why not ask them about you? Make a survey and let them build the video for you.

What don’t you understand about us

Why do you stop or won’t buy from us

What is your biggest concern right now concerning our product


All these answers will help you understand the questions your customers have, the flaws they think you are displaying. Knowing what stops them will enable you to better reassure them…hence prompting them to hit the buy now button.

How to write the script.

Here are 5 points we think will help you structure the core of it better.

1) The first couple of seconds should be about you and what you do.

2) Explain the problem and why you went in the direction of creating that business

3) Reassure the customer by explaining how you have a solution for the problem above and use the answers from the questionnaires  to build this section

4) Explain why you are different and all the features you offer.

5) Tell people to sign up and buy

6) Show how you helped a similar person with your product and how their life became better after.

7) Ending


If you want to create an explainer video, remember, the most important part of an explainer video isn’t the video… but it is the script. Give us a call and we will work with you to get the best explainer video your business can get.

Impact of video production on your business in Perth

  • Posted On December 11, 2014
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Web video is now a cornerstone to any marketing campaign. We tend to think that all we need to do is make something simple and publish it online…it’s not enough and never has been. You need a video production company for a inspirational video for your business in Perth!

You might be trading in a B to B environment or a B to C environment…yet both now need you to access customers in different channels. If you think about it, you must come to terms that your customers are reading newspapers (or not arguably…depending on the demographic) checking their linked in account, Facebook feed, twitter feed. All those channels are potential buyers of your services or products

A high quality, well developed video may be able to do a lot of good for your company band marketing campaign, but also harm your brand and product if not produced properly.

People have less and less time nowadays. They tend to only glance…if it doesn’t grad their attention they simply leave (or sometimes spread negative comments about your product/brand)

Is it entertaining, is the quality any good, is it any worth my time. These are all the questions someone might ask themselves in the 10 second they spend on your site or video.

Demo videos, branding videos, corporate videos…all these need to reflect well upon your business.

OOTB specialize in creating effective web videos and web commercials for any industry, product, or service.

If you have questions, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to guide you through your next video project.


A Guide to: Creating the perfect customer testimonial video

  • Posted On November 26, 2014
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Positive words from a client should be considered as gold. Translating that into a video should be one of your main focus. You need a  robust success story section on your corporate YouTube page. It should showcase clients and their great experiences. It has tremendous potential for lead generation.

Here’s how to make it happen.

1) Ask! but do it the right way.

The act of soliciting a case study is delicate. We usually recommend waiting a few months to allow your customer time to experience your offering and appreciate it. Wait for them to come to you with positive feedback. Once you receive consistent feedback from the same client, consider sending them a personal email asking if they’d be interested in participating in a case study.

Tip: We at OOTB Video Production Perth make the process easy on your customer. We travel to their office to record them in their traditional environment.

Following the interview, return to your office and send your client a heartfelt thank you card for his or her time. In the meantime, we will huddle with your video to make the case study shine. We usually edit it down to no more than two minutes. Yes, that may seem short, but so is the attention span of most website viewers. You want to grab their attention and keep it until the last second of the video.

Note: The more testimonial videos you have in circulation, the more likely a dream client will find you and reach out.

2) Market strategy

Start marketing your video case study by sending it to the customer on-camera. That person will likely be so proud of his or her performance that they will want to share it with their contacts online or over email. From there, promote the video on your social media pages. Create a customer case study section on your corporate website and post the video there, too.

Make sure to share each video with your internal sales and marketing teams. Ask your staffers to send videos to customers and potential leads. Then, consider working the public relations angle by identifying local business writers and industry-specific publications. The more work you put in, the more traction your videos will get.

You should definitely reveal just about every online video with your interior sales and also promoting groups. Request your own staffers to help send videos to help customers and also possible leads. And then, contemplate doing the job the population associations angle by means of figuring out nearby enterprise authors and also industry-specific publications. The more do the job an individual put in, the more grip your own videos will get.

Here is the link to our latest Testimonial video 


Testimonial Video

Latest Video Production & News

  • Posted On July 21, 2014
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General News:




Congratz to Director Olivier Mamet for winning a directing prize for his commercial for KPMG Global. (pictured here with the CEO of KPMG Global)







Latest Productions:

Here are some of our latest video productions:


KPMG Commercial

SGI Corporate Video

HCN – Let us help you

City of Stirling – Mooro Cultural Tours

Medical Video Trimed



Set realistic goals for video marketing

  • Posted On March 31, 2014
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Goals are important step in marketing campaigns. Only after you clearly defined all of  your objectives can you tailor a perfect strategy to achieve them. Most companies need to have ideas about how to set attainable goals for traditional campaigns such as newsletters, but online video marketing campaigns is a new medium and therefore, expectations need to be realistic.

Here is  a questionnaire to help you with the goal-setting.

What message are you sending with your video?

Focusing on brand awareness and videography means your video should be very different than if you are introducing a new product. Or again you could be promoting an  event which require a different type of video

You are you reaching?

Targeting is an important aspect. If your CEO is speaking at a conference and you wanna make sure that it is available to the stake holders…this would require a different strategy to making people aware of your latest product.

What happens if my video campaign is successful?

What constitutes a success? Views doesn’t automatically equate to conversions or more brand awareness. Make sure you ask yourself “what would be a successful campaign”.

How to measure success?

Whether the goal is to increase visits to your website or sales of your product, it is important to identify these goals from the start. T


Making sure that you don’t set unrealistic goals or setting goals that are too easily attained is important.


12 Product Video Styles that Influence Shoppers

  • Posted On February 19, 2014
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12 Product Video Styles that Influence Shoppers on YouTube

Here are 12 product video and/or genres related to products that exist throughout the platform. Each one reveals that YouTube is a place where shoppers can go above and beyond basic product reviews. They are:

1. Unboxing Videos

A video showcasing how a product looks by carefully removing it from its packaging, showing each individual element to the camera.

2. Torture Test

A video testing the durability of products through a series of destructive actions.

3. Haul:

A video showcasing the spoils of a recent shopping spree.

4. Pickup

The male, urban term for a “haul,” often seen in the “Sneakerhead” community

5. How To’s & Tutorials

A video teaching someone how to do something… obviously.

6. Tours:

A video showing the details of a space, physical or digital, to showcase its arrangement, contents, and overall feel.

7. Empties:

A video showcasing the products that a Beauty Guru has used up.

8. Giveaways:

A call to action entering a subscriber in a chance to win a featured item in exchange for social engagement.

9. Favorites:

A video showcasing a portion of a collection that the YouTuber likes best.

10. Vs./Versus:

A video that compares one product’s functionality and appearance against a competitor.

11. Parodies:

A video imitating the style of another piece of media, usually a song or commercial, made for the purposes of humor or critique.

12. TAGs:

A video in which a person answers a set series of questions, or completes a set series of tasks, the format of which is passed from one YouTuber to another.