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Advertising ? Video Production Perth

ways of advertisement, Advertising ? Video Production Perth

Advertising? is it evil? is it good? Well i personally think advertising is simply a way for a product or a business to be heard, a bit like shouting your name to a bunch of strangers; Sometimes people remember your name sometimes not. I think the whole problem lies in the fact that those people are strangers and that a majority of them don’t care about your name.

I have this vision as a kid of my dad reading the morning papers EVERYDAY, he would take out the business review and throw the rest away. I would personally read only the sport sections, simply because i wasn’t interested with the rest of it. What does that tell us?

Well, it tells us that we are limited to what the newspapers or what the tv wants us to read/watch. That was fair enough 10-15 years ago but nowadays we have the best advertising tool in front of us and most of us seems to underestimate its power. If i wanted to buy a car and the front page of the newspapers was a car advertiser…it would be the best advertising i would have ever seen. We can’t do that though because we can’t print a different newspaper for each one that wants to buy a copy. Well, this whole concept easily works on internet.

I went to a lot of lectures talking about internet, twitter, facebook, rss feeds and how the whole “thing” could help your business and i realized that the speakers were so excited by these new concepts that they forgot to start at the beginning.

In the coming weeks, i’ll publish what i think may help a few people in getting started with the whole business/website/advertising deal 🙂

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