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Killer ad of the week

We have decided here at OOTB to make a blog post once a week about a killer video we came across. He is the first post/video by legs for Evian Water. We think it’s a great idea and a fun video to watch. Well done 🙂

IINET’s Comm Videos

We’ve been working hard on a batch of 5 videos for IINET’s communication department. They will include some nice videos and we are quite excited to see how the result will look. We were able to take a kind of a creative approach for some of the videos and the videos will probably be up […]

10 Iphone app review sites

Hi Guys, I thought i’d give a list of website that will review your iphone apps (free or not) as i have to say it was time consuming finding good iphone app review sites 😉      


I am just going to say a few words here concerning websites. I come across a lot of businessmen that don’t seem to understand the power of a website. In order to comprehend that topic better, lets go back in time for a moment. As a kid what i remember the most is the shop […]

production company 29

Showreel 2010

This is our new 2010 showreel, please feel free to comment or like us on Facebook or join or twitter page. We would like to specially thank the awesome band The WeirdOz for letting us use their song Chicken wings.