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Video Marketing | Why online video is useful to your business

Online video has been a great tool in terms of marketing and promotion for both large and small businesses in all industries. The resources required to create and air these videos -YouTube and the like- are readily available so that makes it easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs to reach potential customers quickly and a ordably. […]

Why Make Viral Videos For Your Brand?

Viral videos are great, especially those that people heavily share and talk about. Why do companies make them? What can be achieved? How dependable is the strategy? Why Do Brands Make Viral Videos? Sharing recently became an extremely valued metric. It is very hard to achieve but if successfully done, it will mean that you have […]

Video in your content marketing

10 Ways to Use Video in Your Content Marketing How much of your marketing budget is allocated to video? Video is mostly top or middle of the funnel activity…this mean ROI is hard to prove. This is why we’ve written this article, to highlight what type of videos to consider based on different situations. Branding Videos Branding […]

4 great reasons why video increase conversions

4 great reasons why video increase conversions This of course is a broad statement! we can’t really say that all videos increases conversion. Some could have the adverse effect 🙁 Let’s be real, low quality videos won’t help you done bit. It might end up hurting you more in the end. This is why we are […]

Real time and immersive architecture with virtual reality

  The Future is now! Every architect will soon be designing using 3D goggles in a short time. At out of the box, we like to be ahead of the curb and therefore we have already dived knee deep into these VR products. The possibilities are endless…we’ve created a short walkthrough of a penthouse (shown above) […]

Create a killer product video today

Whether you’re selling a product or service you need that product video that will convert those potential customers. A truly great product video both informs and inspires viewers and ultimately result in them giving you money for that product. Here are examples of great product videos: 1. Context is king We love the Fluidstance video… they are clear on the problem […]