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5 Reasons to adopt online video

When listening to Nicola Mendelsohn at the conference in London on June 14th, we understand that facebook will be most certainly mobile going forward and it will probably be mainly video. Snapchat just dethroned twitter and went 3rd in the list of top social media platform. (behind Facebook and Instagram) Marketers need to understand that […]

4 Steps To Creating Online Videos

The entire process of creating quality online video boils down to four steps: Goals Message Format Distribution and promotion FIRST STEP: GOALS Every video you make has an intended purpose so keep in mind what you want to accomplish when creating the video. Some of the more obvious goals include: Boosting exposure Redirecting trafic to […]

Video Marketing

The benefits of Video Marketing

Now that you have a better idea as to what video marketing is, let’s take a look at the benefits. If you’re having trouble selling your marketing team, clients, partners and boss on the concept of online video, they might feel differently when they look at some of the benefits the business stands to gain. We’ll […]

Video Marketing | Why online video is useful to your business

Online video has been a great tool in terms of marketing and promotion for both large and small businesses in all industries. The resources required to create and air these videos -YouTube and the like- are readily available so that makes it easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs to reach potential customers quickly and a ordably. […]

Why Make Viral Videos For Your Brand?

Viral videos are great, especially those that people heavily share and talk about. Why do companies make them? What can be achieved? How dependable is the strategy? Why Do Brands Make Viral Videos? Sharing recently became an extremely valued metric. It is very hard to achieve but if successfully done, it will mean that you have […]