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Video of the week

  • Posted On May 14, 2011
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This week we chose the super awesome clip from the Daniels. Two awesome directors that work in advertising and produce various videos in many genres.Enjoy 🙂

Get the right tools

  • Posted On May 9, 2011
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The ultimate tool we will be using will obviously be: your website but we won’t be talking about websites for the moment. I want everyone to arm themselves will all the right tools you can get before we actually get to the website. In this chapter i will summarize the major tools you will need to kick start your online identity in the best way possible.


2.1 RSS Feed


i would like to start by saying that every single one of us should have a RSS feed reader on their computer. First of all, because it saves paper which is an environmental issue at the moment but most important of all because it will be your “morning newspaper” from now on.


How it works


Nowadays every major website/companies have an rss feed link to their website, which means that as soon as they publish something you’ll receive it in your reader. For example, you like the reading the morning newspaper, well there is a big probability that they have the same version of the news on their website and give the choice to their readers to subscribe electronically. The nice thing about it is that you are not limited to only the morning newspaper, you could subscribe also to the latest news in finance, business, art, music, movie trailers…possibilities are endless. In short, your “morning newspaper” is custom made for you without even losing what you like the most: the information you generally get in your morning reads. Lets assume for example that you are looking for a car, you can go online and look for a website specialized in selling cars around your area, make a search, subscribe to it. Everytime a car of your liking is added on the website, you receive a note on your rss reader. Direct advertising to your “morning newspaper” that doesn’t even bother you. Its definitely a win win situation, advertising is actually targeted because the consumer decides on his own to subscribe to a product and therefore advertising is no longer regarded as obtrusive, ineffective and most of all costly.


In order to grasp the power of the Rss feed, lets test these theories right now, below i have given a few links to some Rss reader but feel free to get your own if you have a preferred one.


Free PC Rss readers




Rss Bandit


Avant Browser


Mac Rss Readers


Net newswire




Get Started


Now that you’ve downloaded and installed your rss reader, lets try to subscribe to some of these interesting RSS Feeds.



Projection mapping

  • Posted On May 5, 2011
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In the video and events business the projection mapping seems to be everywhere. We selected a really good one for you guys 🙂

Can Websites and videos help you in your business

  • Posted On May 2, 2011
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Ok, now that we start to understand the concept of web 2.0, i will try to show you how it impacted on a few people/companies in a matter of days.

Susan Boyle


I’m pretty sure, almost everyone heard the story of Susan Boyle, a British woman who took part in a talent tv show. . When she appeared on stage, everyone thought she was going to be booted out rather quickly but instead gave the audience a good show. Everyone was touched by the fact that she was against the odds and came out strong. After the show was broadcasted, she received dozens of phone calls from all the countries around the world, she was interviewed by Larry King, received thousands of fan letters etc.. All this was made possible because the videos of her singing on the show were on youtube the day after the show was broadcasted . She had more than 50 000 000 views on youtube alone. In this instance, she had the same advertising power of a worldcup match being broadcasted on television.




Chk-Chk Boom


The chk-chk boom story is not a very big one, but i was still amazed by what happened. There was a shooting in Sydney and a camera crew came to scene to film some footage for the news. A girl claimed she knew what happened and started telling the story in front of the camera… . After the police started investigating, they found that the story wasn’t true and that the girl lied. In a matter of hours the story became enormous, this  girl had Twitter fan pages set up. People started to do some remix of her comments Internet companies started selling mugs, t-shirts with her comments on and all that happened in a matter of days.






Telstra is a communication company in Australia and while i was browsing some videos on youtube, that is what i found .Basically the owner of this video went into all the trouble of making a video, just because he was dissatisfied with Telstra as a company. If you look at the view count, you’ll see that a few thousand people saw this video. 10 – 15 years ago, the voice of the unhappy customer wasn’t heard at all, unless he was a “hollywood star”. Nowadays anyone has the ability to touch millions with the power of web 2.0.


Killer ad of the week

  • Posted On April 26, 2011
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We have decided here at OOTB to make a blog post once a week about a killer video we came across. He is the first post/video by legs for Evian Water. We think it’s a great idea and a fun video to watch. Well done 🙂

IINET’s Comm Videos

  • Posted On March 28, 2011
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We’ve been working hard on a batch of 5 videos for IINET’s communication department. They will include some nice videos and we are quite excited to see how the result will look. We were able to take a kind of a creative approach for some of the videos and the videos will probably be up in a few weeks. We are also in charge of streaming the top geek competition for them next Friday. It will be an interesting product and hopefully some of you guys can tune in to have a look. Will keep you posted 🙂