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Video in your content marketing

  • Posted On February 5, 2016
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10 Ways to Use Video in Your Content Marketing

How much of your marketing budget is allocated to video?

Video is mostly top or middle of the funnel activity…this mean ROI is hard to prove. This is why we’ve written this article, to highlight what type of videos to consider based on different situations.

Branding Videos

Branding videos are ideal to communicate your company’s culture to prospective customers. Whether you’re sharing the brand values, brand origin, or brand mission, video immerses your audience in your story. It creates a connection with them. Something that can only be done via videos.

NOTE: When was the last time you visited a home page and didn’t see a video? Yes, it was 2008. While videos once were used only to explain complex products or solutions, now they are as likely to give a brief and engaging overview of your value proposition in two minutes or less.

Top of funnel Strategies

Advertising: As a company, you are probably running ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to drive traffic.

SEO: Use video to highlight key points. You can also use video to answer potential questions your customers may have…hence driving traffic through virtually having ready made answers for them. Video SEO can be broken into two types:

  • You produce a video and post it publicly on YouTube. If the video great, it will create a call to action which will drive traffic back to your site … but in return for YouTube’s incredible reach and rank.
  • The video and supporting text will help the page itself to move up the ranking pages, meaning that traffic earned by the video is highly likely to stay on your site. It’s possible to pursue both approaches simultaneously, but best to have some variations between the videos.

Middle of funnel

Educational content: Whether a piece of thought leadership, tips or a practical guide, educational videos is a great marketing tool. Create short and entertaining videos about how your products can be used in an amazing way.

Great content can be also posted on social media, creating “re-shares”. These re-shares will generate free traffic to your product/site.

Carte Noire

Easy Slow Cooker Desserts

Bottom of funnel

About Us: Many think of bottom-of-the-funnel activities as those related to product features, price, etc. But customers in the market for an expensive product or long-term service relationship are just as interested in the “who” as they are in the “what” or “how much.” When two providers are close on quality and price, perceived trustworthiness and commitment to service often are the deciding factors.

Time-sensitive promotions: You’re using price breaks to close warm or stuck leads. Why not invest in video for something simple and numbers-driven like price promotions? A typical consumer gets over 10 promotional emails per day. Your price promotion will not perform well if it’s not seen – and video helps to increase open rates. Plus the richer experience of videos – music, sound effects, voice, etc. – drive home what’s special about your promotion.

PR and external communications

Rapid response to hot topics: Print is the easiest medium to produce and manage – once a statement is approved and locked down, everything else is copy and paste. But what’s the hidden cost of leaving the reader “unsupervised”? Video lets you marry tone and words, control the pace at which viewers move through a piece of content, and direct their eyes and ears to points of emphasis.

4 great reasons why video increase conversions

  • Posted On October 26, 2015
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4 great reasons why video increase conversions

This of course is a broad statement! we can’t really say that all videos increases conversion. Some could have the adverse effect 🙁

Let’s be real, low quality videos won’t help you done bit. It might end up hurting you more in the end.

This is why we are going to go through the main 4 reasons videos help with conversions.

Number 1 – Complicated made simple: 

Writing has it’s limitation. It’s hard to grab people’s attention and secondly it’s even harder to write a compelling piece to explain completed procedure. This is why we see who many how to videos. Simple and effective.

In a video, you can explain that complicated process in a couple of minutes.

Could you see yourself writing a whole article on that! That would be very hard and arguably very infective.

Same thing when talking about comparison of products.

I would rather see a product in action rather than read about it.

Number 2 – It’s more believable: It’s hard for the reader to connect with a writer. You can include a picture of the writer to add some authenticity but in the end, it’s better to see the person talk on screen rather than simply read about it. It’s like a book that turns into a movie…you cannot read a Harry Potter book and not picture Daniel Radcliffe in it. The video has the effect of setting you image in the customers mind and even if you do write articles after that, they can still picture you as the narrator.


Number 3 – Show me don’t tell me: You can say a lot of things but when it comes down to crunch time, showing it will silence any non believers. You have a great product? Just get a video of it.

Number 4 – People are extremely lazy: Finally, reading is “exhausting” and it takes a lot of effort to go through a long article and make sense of it all after. Remember it takes no effort to click “Play”.

A survey by Usurv found that users are 39% more likely to share and 36% more likely to comment on an online video compared to a text article.

Remember that ladies and gentlemen.

Real time and immersive architecture with virtual reality

  • Posted On September 14, 2015
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The Future is now!

Every architect will soon be designing using 3D goggles in a short time. At out of the box, we like to be ahead of the curb and therefore we have already dived knee deep into these VR products. The possibilities are endless…we’ve created a short walkthrough of a penthouse (shown above) to showcase a couple of options available to any designers, builders, architects, promoters etc…

In this video, a client is able to walk inside his future house, and experience it in glorious Virtual Reality. He is also able to see all the design options available, change the floor, cabinets, bench top etc…

We also create a companion Ipad app that goes with each build. He can then take his new immersive architectural product with him and showcase it to friends and family. If it’s a real estate agent or a builder, he can use the app to showcase to potential investors or buyers.

The Headset

This is big news lately, Oculus Rift is ready to release their CV1 (consumer version 1) product to the entire world and believe me, soon enough everyone will have one in their household. Steam, sony, google are also all developing their own headset and it will be as common as mobile phones.

What does that mean for you?

Well, soon enough, you will be sending clients virtual models of their projects so they can walk through them whilst wearing their 3D headset.

Ok, apart from the obvious, how does that help me?



Being able to showcase a 1:1 finished product to your client. Having them walk around and explain what they would like to change or simply seeing how amazing their future house will look is a massive bonus. Any client unsure if they want to use you as an architect will have their doubts squashed in an instant as they will know everything will be seen/experienced before a shovel is even lifted.


I must say that for builders and promoters, this is going to be huge. Promoters, building developers and builders in general need a fair amount of 3D done in any case. Those static renders that goes onto all the promotional products. This is something that needs to be done regardless. In some cases, we are able to provide 1) the renders and 2) the walkthrough product for the same price that some 3D visualisation company offers the renders only. In this case, it’s a win win scenario.

Going further into the process though, we need to understand that whatever helps you sell you development faster means less interests accrued on the borrowed money. It’s not always an easy task for real estate agents. Especially if the prospective customers are geographically far or can’t read off plans etc…

With this product, they are able to grasp the finished product before its been built and that might prompt faster sales.

Real-estate Agents

Anything that can help a real estate agent sell faster should be considered as a “holy grail”. Faster sales means less interest to pay for your clients, faster commissions for you…a no brainer.


I rest my case, we personally think this product is the future and for us, the future is now! 

For any enquiries, don’t hesitate to drop us an email to give us a call

We have other solutions too – You might want to check also:


Create a killer product video today

  • Posted On July 23, 2015
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Whether you’re selling a product or service you need that product video that will convert those potential customers. A truly great product video both informs and inspires viewers and ultimately result in them giving you money for that product. Here are examples of great product videos:

1. Context is king

We love the Fluidstance video… they are clear on the problem their product is solving!

2. Show and tell
Video don’t necessarily need to be super fancy. Sometimes a simple show and tell will do the job… if viewers don’t know you, show off your product, and tell your customers about it. It’s that simple.

Restrap does just that!

3. Testimonials
Customers are interested in the people behind the product and the people who use it.

Why not create a testimonial video to showcase that…

The Pawsey Centre

5. Cater to your target audience
It’s all about your audience. You need to appeal to them and talk their language

Cartier uses elegance to target their audience.

4. Don’t be afraid to be “out there”
Don’t be afraid to use a product video to showcase your brand’s identity. When you are different, share ability can be a great result

Check out Dollar Shave Club’s

In summation, to make a successful and interesting-to-watch product video, come and talk to us about your ideas and we will make it happen.

The Future of Digital Video – Follow Your Consumers

  • Posted On June 16, 2015
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Digital video marketing is yet another tool to help your business grow. In short, you need to be “ Following the Money” and it’s a no brainer.

When P&G started sponsoring a series of soap operas on radio in 1930s for brands like Duz and Oxydol, they took this innovation to television and started producing award-winning soap operas.

The growth in TV equaled the growth in brand recognition and brand advertising. Since then, any marketer couldn’t imagine building a big nation brand without TV advertising. That was until now! we are in the internet era, and we all agree no that you can’t build the next new brand without digital video across all the devices. Essentially, you follow the money 🙂

before and after of consumer behavior

So What now?

Video like search advertising is becoming more real-time and more engaging from a consumer standpoint.At the end of the day, the best advertising has always been as engaging as content. It doesn’t have to follow a 30 second format either. Vines only last 6 seconds and other companies are also producing longer format: This 8-Minute Ice Cream Ad, With a Lesbian Love Story and Lily Allen, Is the Sweetest Ever.

So essentially, products are being:

1) catered to the audience, even niche ones, which is quite recent.

2) Delivered right to them, whether you are. Desktop ,mobile, watch, VR, ‘holographic new device that’s coming out tomorrow’

The difference also is the close loop system. Advertisers actually have the opportunity to connect engagement data with purchase data and close that loop. We don’t really see a centralised solution for now…but i can’t imagine that being too far away. The data is there…so it’s all about turning that data into meaningful information.

Imagine looking at your panel and seeing conversion rates for:

Format vs demographic vs conversion vs spend vs attention rate vs device vs etc… 

You can then base your launch campaign on a model that you’ve tested and know that works.

You also know that this campaign will be catered to your consumer…not splashed all other like a bad paint job.

Connecting big data you have from the media will enable you to link your brand advertising to tangible revenue. And once you do that, you can then begin to make the shift from using a shotgun approach to media buying.

Instead of mass broadcasts, you need to think about creating personal playlists for the tens of millions of consumers you attempt to reach. You can’t do that without processed data.

I think the future of Digital Video is an interesting one.

1) Volume will be needed fast and cost effectively.

2) They will need to be engaging.

What do you think is the future of Digital Video?

Video marketing tips anyone can Use

  • Posted On May 5, 2015
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Video marketing has become one of the best tools for businesses help bolster their market presence. The attention of prospective buyers are shortening due to the wide array of options they have, marketers are trying their best to break through clutter in an interesting manner. Companies, use delivery platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube to post product videos, testimonials and TV commercials but the key is to leverage their content in order to boost their conversions and sales.

Here are some crucial tips:

Real is the key: When consumers to sense that there is something wrong in the message of your ad, they will lose their trust straight away. Conversion is unlikely when there is no trust. Keep it clear and make sure you provide truthful information.

Create videos often: Content is king, we all know that. Good content is the master of the universe. When you  publish regularly, it creates a connection with the viewer and better are your  chances of converting.

Showcase your product: Show your customer what you are offering. If they are able to see what they are getting in action, it should be a no brainer for them.

Use entertainment: Entertainment is also key to a great video. I am not talking about funny or quirky…i am talking about pure entertainment. Even if it’s an unboxing video or a testimonial video, it should entertain the target audience. They need to feel like they want to go through the whole video and not stop midway through for some reasons.

Know how to sell your videos:  By following the above mentioned tips, you can transform your Vimeo and YouTube presence into an important part of your selling campaign. Give us a call today and let’s make a great video together