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Video production – Bypass the middle man and save money and time

  • Posted On April 21, 2015
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The advertising industry is changing dramatically and everyone is aware of it.


Why is that happening?


Well! Simple. Nowadays audience is EVERYWHERE, i mean literally EVERYWHERE!


Not only that, they are hungry for content too. So, branding and marketing messages should be pushed fast and over a lot of platforms.


At OOTB, we’ve been approached by some major corporation in the last 2-3 years and let me tell you, in the short 10 years we’ve been operating in this sector, We’ve NEVER EVER seen that happen.


Usually, big corporations’ accounts are kept by big advertising agencies who act as their brand guardians. They oversee everything that has to do with their  clients’  advertising messages and branding.


This had always been the case for decades…but it is changing now. Proof of that is the amount of jobs available in the advertising sector at the moment. We’ve seen traditional agencies go from 80 odd staff to now barely 20.


It happened in the web industry and now the video industry is following suit.


With the ever expanding internet, most businesses found themselves desperately needing websites for their companies.


These digital store fronts were deemed not necessary 10, 20 years ago and only a small number of companies had websites for “good forms”


Nowadays, if you are starting a business and not thinking about having a website, i’d say, you are in big trouble.


The Change

Responsive web design in electronic devices vector eps10

The change started when companies were quoted by their agencies 4 – 7 times what proprietary web companies were quoting.


Why use an agency which is way more expensive without actually getting a better end product in return? Even if the product was better, would it be worth the extra amount of cash you are putting out.


Companies also know that with the current landscape, they will probably need a whole new website in a couple of years (sometimes months).


Agencies argue that they are the “brand  guardians” of the companies’ brand and are making sure that everything stays within that brand and image.


The thing is…web companies are now more than capable to follow a branding structure. It’s also easier to converse directly with the marketing manager (who arguably proofs the final product) rather than go through, art directors, semi art directors, creative directors, executive creative directors (all of which are trying to please one another and therefore lengthening the whole process).



Video within the change

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 9.32.21 am

The same thing is happening in the video industry. Brands need video to be created fast and cost effectively.

This wasn’t happening before because millions were being spent in media buying AD space on television and you had only one shot at doing things right…


Nowadays with the segmentation of the audience, you need to be battling on different fronts as fast as you can. The agency model doesn’t work for that matter:


Create an idea

Convince the marketing manager

Ask production company to pitch

Find a director

Spend months… planning, editing, producing, mixing etc…

You might have a gem by then but other brands have already stolen a huge market share by pushing as much content as they can.




Process is the key to this change.

Most young (ish) filmmaker nowadays can direct, shoot and edit themselves.

Something that was arguably not easy to do a couple of years ago.

1) Cameras were too expensive and complicated to run.

2) Editing was also very complicated and films had to be chemically developed.

3) Large crews were needed for any production (even the smallest projects).


Process nowadays

Like i mentioned at the start, we’ve had a massive amount of big companies marketing manager come straight to us…

Why? because we provide stunning work from IDEA to COMPLETION in a record amount of time:

Clients gives us a brief (like they would do with agencies) except we do everything from that point…

1) Brainstorm different ideas and give options to the client;

2) Organise the casting, director, cameras and equipment needed for the shoot; and

3) Editing, VFX, Grading and SFX are done not long after and we provide insight on everything.

Clients have their own private portal where they can check the updates on the video as they happen.

So if there is a marketing manager who is contemplating using videos soon, why don’t you give us a call or use our quick quoting system.


Other solutions for major companies

Crowdsourcing companies such as Mofilm and Genero are making a killing at getting content out for their clients (at the filmmakers expense some might say), although we like to think that these guys are really transparent on what they do (and how they do it) and filmmakers should be aware that they will end up doing a whole lot of work without being paid.

Superbowl Commercial by Mofilm

Cornetto (Cannes Silver Lion)

Bose Commercial



Driving brand awareness and ROI with video

  • Posted On April 9, 2015
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Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.23.24 pm




The rise of online video

YouTube generation

Information is flowing at a pace never seen before.  Your three problems are:

1) Attention retention

2) Message delivery

3) Action conversion

Consumers are king and that has never rung as true as it is now. They are demanding value now and they want it customised to their needs.

Video is paramount to grab, retain and convert

Based on the current stats at hand…if you are selling a product and you place a video on your front page, the first thing they click is the video. Don’t even think about content and shiny photos, info graphics. (sure these are important but not comparable to a tailored video)

Video is watched and shared

Social networks are being classified as their own country nowadays. Online, nationalities often relates to language but nothing more. Traffic can come solely from Facebook or Twitter without any particular skew on geographics.


You need to realise, it does’t matter where your customer is, what you need to make sure is that wherever that place is, you need to be there to. Video is the most common media which works on multi platforms.


Household Trends Device

Massive increase in online video consumption

People are watching videos in the bus, train, at work, in bed. You need to make sure you are competitive and reachable by them.

Oline Video Consumption


If you need video production in perth. Give us a call

Latest work and general news

  • Posted On March 17, 2015
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Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 9.32.21 am


Like usual we’ve been pretty busy 🙂

We have a couple of hush hush project that we are not able to show for confidentiality reason.

Here are some of the work we’ve just completed:



What happens when you save a 400 year old tree from a land deemed for construction? Drone happens!


Commissioned to do a video for UTS…the brief was:

In today’s world, technology is deeply engrained in everything we do. Whether it is in healthcare, law, industrial design, economics, engineering, finance, education or filmmaking technology is making a difference. It’s at the heart of life and humankind.

The University of Technology, Sydney is rated the number 1 young university in Australia. They are a forward facing, innovative institution: they don’t dwell on the past, they live for the future. That is why we were very proud to be involved jn this TVC.


Andrew Bellamy is Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Austal Limited, a global defence prime contractor and world leader in the design and construction of aluminium defence and commercial ships. Check out his interview:



Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.00.54 am












The Guide to online video marketing Part 1

  • Posted On March 11, 2015
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Let’s start from the beginning and ask ourselves a simple question:


The value of video is threefold:

Value 1: Improved User Engagement

By grabbing the visitor’s attention straight away. You know how hard is it to read though a big paragraph these days? Very very hard…User engagement has gone down so much that we need to make sure we are sending the right message in under a minute.

We were looking for an online solution for quoting system and upon landing on  Quotient App, we were able to see straight away that it would help us achieve what we were looking for…

Value 2: Brand Awareness

You need to establish your brand, it needs to be recognisable and stay anchored in the consumers’ minds

Value 3: Search Engine Optimization

Video helps tremendously with SEO and we are able to use different long tailed keyword centric video to help with the ranking. Our sister company, THE SEO LAB has had tremendous results with this strategy.

Value 4: Improving conversions

As we all know, better user engagement will lead to better conversions so here it’s a no brainer.


Reading is an active experience and you guide the speed at which you read. Within that time you will experience 4 major processes:

  • Perception of meaning
  • Appraisal of that same meaning
  • Evaluation of it
  • Emotional response to it

This might look like…

  • I am reading something about Video Marketing
  • Video Marketing is the process of promoting a company or product through video
  • This could be useful for my company
  • I am excited and let’s buy or ask for a quote

Video doesn’t offer that much freedom. Video dictates the speed of the message and uses other elements to create a better rate of emotional response.

Video is therefore a different method of engaging audiences than image and text. With video, the user will immediately comprehend the message and that is already part of the war won.

Video Guide Example


Video Production

Therefore, video allows you to generate a better rate of emotional response and therefore leads to better actionable reaction from the prospective customer.



Product Demo Videos

  • Posted On February 19, 2015
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Got a new product? why not introduce it to the market with a video

Product videos cut to the chase. Here is the magical product, here how it works and here is how it will revolution-arise your life. If your product is amazing, media might even pick on it and showcase it.

Would you rather see the iphone showcased in a video or would you rather read about it?


Another example of a simple video is knock


These videos clearly show to prospective buyers what your product is about…

Show; don’t tell.

A good product demo video will explain in a couple of minutes all that you want to say to that customer. Launching a new product is hard, specially in a day an age where people have less time on their hand. They want to know straight away what you are doing for them. It will create a focal point for your marketing message.

Use the golden rule “i believe”

Answer those questions

Who we are, what we do, what we are about. It’s all well and good to have an about us page on Facebook but let’s be honest…no one reads that. If you want to push your branding and message, you need an about video on the home page. A lot of businesses rely on landing page nowadays.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.28.40 am

Make sure you know your target audience

If you create your product demo video, you need to know who you are addressing…

Are we addressing corporate type people? young hip customers, moms and dads?

Taylor your video message for them

If you need a product video today, make sure to give us a call

Hyperlapse and Video Marketing

  • Posted On February 3, 2015
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Hyperlapse can be a great tool for video marketing. If you are doing things right, you already have a brand video and also a video marketing strategy. You are also probably creating a lot go video content around your services, products, office etc…

You are hopefully, also producing, and distributing, content for social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Hyperlapse is an app that allows you create an interesting time-lapse video and it can be used in many ways.

1) Create an office tour video

Since the software uses high speed video and converts a 5 minute video in maybe a 30 second clip. Why not walk around the office/site etc…and showcase the whole company. It could have a great effect and would showcase the workplace to all the customers.


2) Unboxing

You want to showcase a new product. Why not film the whole unboxing with the app. Instead of cutting straight to the product or show a tedious 30 second of someone ripping through a package.


3) Showcase your brand and products

While on the run, why not film a couple of people using your product of services. then share it on Facebook and twitter. It will generates a lot of likes and more traffic to your site.


4) Behind the scene video

Are you creating a video? If you need us do do one for you, you could film the whole process with hyper lapse. That would make a great behind the scene extra to share around the office and online as well.

You can download the Hyperlapse app from the Apple store.

Let us know in the comments below if you are using this app for something else.