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Creating an explainer video, The right Way!

Do you want to create an explainer video? One of those videos that lasts maybe 2 minute or so and explains what your product or services does? Almost every website has one nowadays. It’s a nifty little product that allows your prospective customers to get an account first hand of what you do and how you do it.

If your explainer video doesn’t boost your conversion rate or make you money, it’s not because the idea is bad but probably the approach to it all is wrong.

Here are a few tips to help your videos be better.

1) It’s not about the video:

The most important aspect of the video is not the video itself but in fact the script. A good script can do it all.

That is why at OOTB Video Production Perth, we don’t write the script all by ourselves. We don’t know your business like you do. That is why we prefer to work together with our clients with the same goal in mind: Conversions

2) writing a good script

Since you are focusing on your customers (or prospective ones) why not ask them about you? Make a survey and let them build the video for you.

What don’t you understand about us

Why do you stop or won’t buy from us

What is your biggest concern right now concerning our product


All these answers will help you understand the questions your customers have, the flaws they think you are displaying. Knowing what stops them will enable you to better reassure them…hence prompting them to hit the buy now button.

How to write the script.

Here are 5 points we think will help you structure the core of it better.

1) The first couple of seconds should be about you and what you do.

2) Explain the problem and why you went in the direction of creating that business

3) Reassure the customer by explaining how you have a solution for the problem above and use the answers from the questionnaires  to build this section

4) Explain why you are different and all the features you offer.

5) Tell people to sign up and buy

6) Show how you helped a similar person with your product and how their life became better after.

7) Ending


If you want to create an explainer video, remember, the most important part of an explainer video isn’t the video… but it is the script. Give us a call and we will work with you to get the best explainer video your business can get.

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