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Do Video Editors Make Good Money?

The world is becoming more and more digital, and video content is more popular than ever before. Whether it be on websites, social media, or video-based sites such as Youtube, video content rules the web!

The evolution of the video content industry has opened up a vast number of opportunities for aspiring video editors and creators to make a living out of something they’re passionate about. Employment of video editors is expected to have risen by 22% from 2019 to 2020. A job as a video editor is a sought after position and is often seen as ‘cool’ and creative, especially by younger generations. But is there money to be made in this industry?

As providers of professional video editing & video production services in Perth, we give you the ins and the outs of the world of video editor rates and finances.

Straight To The Cut 

If you’re looking purely at statistics, the average salary for a video editor in Australia is roughly $4,236 per month. This is a fairly decent salary, especially seeing as many video editing jobs don’t require you to have a degree of any sorts. There is also opportunity for growth within many agencies.

Agency Or Freelance 

Freelance video editors charge a variety of fees, and the fee will be based on their level of experience and the requirements for the edits. Freelance videos usually charge around $70 an hour, and can give you an estimation of the timeframe for your edit upfront, but may not get it to the exact hour every time.

There are many pros and cons between working as an independent freelancer and working for an agency. As a freelancer you’ll be able to pick and choose what projects you want to work (that is, if you are getting enough enquiries) and work around a flexible schedule. If you’ve made a name for yourself and are in demand, you may be very successful as a freelancer.

Working for an agency also has its perks as you’ll receive a steady salary each month, and usually have the opportunity to earn incentives. But you most likely won’t have a say in what projects you work on.

In conclusion, there is definitely money to be made as a video editor and it is seen as a respectable and stable job. Video editors are taken a lot more seriously than they were a few years ago, so if it’s your dream to be a video editor, go out there and do it!

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