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Four TV Commercial Production Trends for 2020 in Perth & Australia at Large

If you switch on your TV today, the programming structure – including ad breaks – is very different to how it was, say a decade ago. This is because the expansion of digital media has revolutionised the way consumers interact with content. People are more interested in watching what they want when they want to. What does this mean for TV commercial or video production Perth? For one, you’ll have to become more flexible, technologically savvy, and start running ahead of the curve when it comes to trends. The good news is that you still have time to catch up if you’re feeling a little behind.

2020 Trend #1: Shorter Length, Higher Impact Audiovisual Storytelling

With customers’ attention spans declining by the second, commercial production teams are challenged to tell the story in a shorter amount of time. This means you can’t film just for the sake of it. Every single frame must tell a compelling story from start to finish.

2020 Trend #2: Targeted Adverts That Are Produced Using Data From Advanced TV

The days of one-way TV interaction are fast-moving behind us. Smart TVs are providing new insight into how audiences consume content. You can use this data to refine campaigns on traditional TV, targeting the right consumers, and securing higher conversions.

2020 Trend #3: Joining Conversations About Social Issues Through Advertisements

It’s not just about the product anymore, but the product’s place in society as well. Using ads to drive social change is a trend that’s picking up traction. It humanises brands and incorporates them into the communities that they sell to.

An example of this is the Gillette advert from 2019 about toxic masculinity, which sparked widespread debate on social media.

2020 Trend #4: Create a Golden Thread of Ad Content from Traditional to Digital Media

Tell the same story across all platforms. The difference should be how you convey the message to reach each respective audience. This encourages interaction with your brand and creates additional awareness.

It’s All a Matter of Evolving With the Times

The question isn’t whether people are watching TV anymore (because they are), but rather how they’re consuming the content. The world of television is becoming more personalised, which challenged the advertising world to follow suit. To get it right, you need to work with a team that’s on the pulse. At OOTB, we provide TV commercial production in Perth that helps businesses move with the times. Call us today.