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Four Video Production Trends To Hop Onto In Perth, Australia in 2020

Marketing and advertising are among the most dynamic industries one can participate in. If you look at content from 20, 10, or even five years ago, you may notice that the staple practices are always adapting. The quality and form of video content in particular is something that keeps businesses seeking to put their products out there on their toes. If anything is clear, it’s the fact that video production services will continue to play a crucial part in digital marketing as time goes by. In this blog, we highlight the top trends to try out as part of strong video campaigns in this year.

Employees Must Share Nuggets Of Wisdom And Industry Know-How In Front Of A Camera

Gone are the days of employees forming part of a faceless workforce that fades into the background. As part of giving your brand a human face, you could make use of live video platforms to spontaneously share information and stories linked to your offering. This could include answering quizzes on Instagram stories or even facilitating live interviews and webinars, where you take questions from viewers on Facebook.

The Use Of Drones To Capture Wide And Aerial Shots

More and more people are playing around with drones as a means to document parts of their lives, such as adventurous trips. Businesses can also maximise on this kind of equipment by using them to achieve creative, out-of-this-world shots for marketing content. It’s cheaper than hiring a helicopter, takes less time if operated by someone who knows what they’re doing, and the quality is just as good.

Producing Cinemagraphs to Make Numbers And Stats Easier To Interpret

Video production isn’t limited to capturing live images. You can also present infographics in fun and interesting ways by editing them into video format and incorporating audio that makes the graphs simple to digest.

Using Portable, Action Cameras To Give Audiences A Close Sense Of An Experience

Take viewers with you on the journey, wherever it goes, and make them part of your product or service. Action cameras make for more engaging content, which is a key component of modern marketing.

The best way to stay ahead of the curve is to follow these trends and have a video production team that never misses a beat on the latest technology and techniques. OOTB could be that team for you if you’re looking for video production services in Perth. Contact us today to learn more.