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A Guide to: Creating the perfect customer testimonial video

Positive words from a client should be considered as gold. Translating that into a video should be one of your main focus. You need a  robust success story section on your corporate YouTube page. It should showcase clients and their great experiences. It has tremendous potential for lead generation.

Here’s how to make it happen.

1) Ask! but do it the right way.

The act of soliciting a case study is delicate. We usually recommend waiting a few months to allow your customer time to experience your offering and appreciate it. Wait for them to come to you with positive feedback. Once you receive consistent feedback from the same client, consider sending them a personal email asking if they’d be interested in participating in a case study.

Tip: We at OOTB Video Production Perth make the process easy on your customer. We travel to their office to record them in their traditional environment.

Following the interview, return to your office and send your client a heartfelt thank you card for his or her time. In the meantime, we will huddle with your video to make the case study shine. We usually edit it down to no more than two minutes. Yes, that may seem short, but so is the attention span of most website viewers. You want to grab their attention and keep it until the last second of the video.

Note: The more testimonial videos you have in circulation, the more likely a dream client will find you and reach out.

2) Market strategy

Start marketing your video case study by sending it to the customer on-camera. That person will likely be so proud of his or her performance that they will want to share it with their contacts online or over email. From there, promote the video on your social media pages. Create a customer case study section on your corporate website and post the video there, too.

Make sure to share each video with your internal sales and marketing teams. Ask your staffers to send videos to customers and potential leads. Then, consider working the public relations angle by identifying local business writers and industry-specific publications. The more work you put in, the more traction your videos will get.

You should definitely reveal just about every online video with your interior sales and also promoting groups. Request your own staffers to help send videos to help customers and also possible leads. And then, contemplate doing the job the population associations angle by means of figuring out nearby enterprise authors and also industry-specific publications. The more do the job an individual put in, the more grip your own videos will get.

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