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Here are some amazing B2B cases of how animation was cleverly used

Animation, created to captivate the minds of children and keep them entertained. When we think of advertising or informational videos & video marketing Perth we rarely think of animation as our go-to, but why is that? Research has shown that 96% of B2B organizations use video in some capacity in their marketing campaigns, with a staggering 73% positive ROI result. The results speak for themselves. In a world where customers only read 20% of an article or informational document, it is clear to see why supplying your clients with an informational animated video would make more sense. Below are our top picks for how animation was cleverly used to generate business.

Privacy For Individuals And Companies Alike

Fognigma has created a captivating real-world example on how data may be robbed from their clients and just how easily this can be done. But let’s be honest for a moment, had this information been provided to you by way of written media would the impact have been so significant? Would your clientele have gotten bored and just skimmed the headlines and left? With real-life issues that may easily be overlooked this explainer video allows clients to have a visual representation of where their data may end up should they not protect themselves.

Sector Related Informational Videos

GDPR Explainer Video Animation | Legal Services GDPR Advice: Respect Respond Refer Report

Another example of a captivating and informative animated video is an explainer of GDPR within the legal field. With lawyers needing to scan through documentation all day this three-minute clip informs them of the new legalities surrounding the services they provide in a time frame that allows them to both concentrate as well as absorb the information.


One For The End User

Cleverly mixed with client feedback and animation, not only is this video powerfully persuasive but highly emotive. Giving the end-user a want to gift as well as the satisfaction of providing their loved ones with a thoughtful gift, this animation is unlike the traditional marketing we are used to seeing.

The Key To A Successful B2B Animation

With more than 64% of views resulting in a positive outcome, companies are forging a new way to make successful sales. There are, however, factors to include when creating your video and how you can maximise sales through your animation. Firstly, your animation needs to be well thought out in terms of what holds the attention of your audience, this includes the thumbnail which entices clients to press play! Secondly, having a poorly done Google doodle animation will unfortunately not be very memorable and will most likely be skipped within the first 10 seconds of play, it is therefore critical to make sure that you don’t task this upon Peter in IT. Thirdly, your storyline needs to be engaging, interactive and get your audience to make their move.

Having the ability to create an animation that converts into a successful outcome is not for the faint-hearted. We suggest hiring a professional who can produce a piece that will last in the minds of viewers for years to come. Based in Perth but taking over the world, OOTB specialises in fully market researched designs to enable your business to grow… Cost-effectively too. Call us today on +61 8 9521 6091 or send us an email to for more information on how we can take you to the next level. Think Out of the Box, think inside the circle.