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Hyperlapse and Video Marketing

Hyperlapse can be a great tool for video marketing. If you are doing things right, you already have a brand video and also a video marketing strategy. You are also probably creating a lot go video content around your services, products, office etc…

You are hopefully, also producing, and distributing, content for social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Hyperlapse is an app that allows you create an interesting time-lapse video and it can be used in many ways.

1) Create an office tour video

Since the software uses high speed video and converts a 5 minute video in maybe a 30 second clip. Why not walk around the office/site etc…and showcase the whole company. It could have a great effect and would showcase the workplace to all the customers.


2) Unboxing

You want to showcase a new product. Why not film the whole unboxing with the app. Instead of cutting straight to the product or show a tedious 30 second of someone ripping through a package.


3) Showcase your brand and products

While on the run, why not film a couple of people using your product of services. then share it on Facebook and twitter. It will generates a lot of likes and more traffic to your site.


4) Behind the scene video

Are you creating a video? If you need us do do one for you, you could film the whole process with hyper lapse. That would make a great behind the scene extra to share around the office and online as well.

You can download the Hyperlapse app from the Apple store.

Let us know in the comments below if you are using this app for something else.

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