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Need video advertising metrics that you can actually use? Then keep reading…

Every online business working knows that videos are a great way to reach today’s generation of consumers in an attention deficit environment. Researchers even believe that video marketing will account for up to 70% of all online traffic next year. With results showing that the majority of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand after viewing a video ad made by the company and a similar amount walking away with a favourable impression of the business in question, the positive value of video marketing is obvious.

While video marketing stopped being measured by views a long time ago, businesses still need access to cost-per-view figures and the views needed to meet awareness or recognition goals.

One of the most popular video advertising platforms is YouTube. Many Australian businesses are not aware of the potential this form of advertising has, or that over 80% of YouTube’s audience is located outside of America. The CEO of Google himself considers YouTube to be “prime-time TV for the mobile world” and research shows that YouTube searches for brands are more than two times that for television.

So when it comes to the day to day implementation of YouTube marketing, how does one measure its value and what metrics can it produce? Parent company Google have stepped up to offer businesses new and improved video advertising metrics to help make video marketing more worthwhile.

Brand Lift by Google offers businesses the chance to measure the impact of their YouTube advertising campaigns with metrics that enable them to track the exact amount of ‘boost’ a campaign provides for their business and sales. Some of these metrics include ad recall, brand awareness, intention to purchase, increase in organic search activity as well as if the ad causes consumers to be become more favourably aligned with the brand’s message/identity and moves them to make a purchase.

With this kind of information now available, video advertising has the potential to become an even more targeted and even more effective means of reaching a target audience for all businesses that use it.

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