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Safety & Induction Videos

Might it be through an Iphone, Ipad or Android app, by using high end quality animation, video or whatever format that may convey the message forward. We make sure that the end product helps maintain the safety & awareness.

Video production is an excellent visual tool for employees, it helps by maintaining the same level and quality across all crews and projects or sites in your organisation.

Animation helps with the demonstration of completed or dangerous procedures and we are able to model the exact environment the staff and crew will be ultimately working in. Making this a valuable tool for your company.

These programs will vastly increase productivity and therefore overall profit. A visual demonstration has always shown better retention rates than written papers or live presentations. The tools can be deployed across a whole company or targeted through departments. The animation can be coupled with the option of an assessment and training materials that can be delivered practically anywhere, especially to mobile devices, which enables mobility.

We also provide a variety of immersive technological solutions. Learn procedures through carefully crafted 3D worlds that enable for immersive training.