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Product Demo Videos

Got a new product? why not introduce it to the market with a video

Product videos cut to the chase. Here is the magical product, here how it works and here is how it will revolution-arise your life. If your product is amazing, media might even pick on it and showcase it.

Would you rather see the iphone showcased in a video or would you rather read about it?


Another example of a simple video is knock


These videos clearly show to prospective buyers what your product is about…

Show; don’t tell.

A good product demo video will explain in a couple of minutes all that you want to say to that customer. Launching a new product is hard, specially in a day an age where people have less time on their hand. They want to know straight away what you are doing for them. It will create a focal point for your marketing message.

Use the golden rule “i believe”

Answer those questions

Who we are, what we do, what we are about. It’s all well and good to have an about us page on Facebook but let’s be honest…no one reads that. If you want to push your branding and message, you need an about video on the home page. A lot of businesses rely on landing page nowadays.

, Product Demo Videos

Make sure you know your target audience

If you create your product demo video, you need to know who you are addressing…

Are we addressing corporate type people? young hip customers, moms and dads?

Taylor your video message for them

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