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CALL US +61 8 9521 6091

Real-Estate Video Production Perth

Get World-Class Real Estate Video Production Services In Perth With OOTB

From exquisite skylines boasting modern buildings to Indian Ocean flanking beachfront properties, Perth has all the architectural eye candy you could think of, whether it’s in nature or the concrete jungle. It’s no wonder you’ve picked this area as the setting for your next video-based commercial or private campaign. Whether you’re selling a private development or personal investment, we can help you capture it with our real estate video production services.

Out of the Box (OOTB) has the experience and technical skills needed to capture the city’s real estate. Whether you’re new to video production or have previously produced videos for your real estate concern, you won’t be disappointed! Here’s why.

World-class Services

OOTB’s proven record of collaboration includes working with international companies such as Mackbel Films and Sandbox Video Production Mauritius. From our headquarters in Perth, our team uses all the latest techniques in videography (including in animation, editing, digital production and brand integration) to deliver a superior final cut. With a range of cameras at our disposal, there’s almost nothing we can’t do to ensure your property stands out.

We’ve Done It All

In a world of one-trick ponies, OOTB is the jack of all trades. We can create real estate TV commercials, video testimonials, internet promo material, animations and corporate videos. This experience puts us miles ahead in terms of the creativity we bring to each of our projects.

Everything You Need, From Start To Finish

If you’ve never worked with a video production company, or even utilised video for real estate purposes, we’re here for you. Our service includes every aspect of production and is aimed specifically at meeting your strategic requirements. From planning, shooting and pre-production to editing, animating and delivery, we’ve got you covered. While we promise always to communicate your company’s key messages, you’ll still have complete control!

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