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Real time and immersive architecture with virtual reality

  • Posted on September 14, 2015
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The Future is now!

Every architect will soon be designing using 3D goggles in a short time. At out of the box, we like to be ahead of the curb and therefore we have already dived knee deep into these VR products. The possibilities are endless…we’ve created a short walkthrough of a penthouse (shown above) to showcase a couple of options available to any designers, builders, architects, promoters etc…

In this video, a client is able to walk inside his future house, and experience it in glorious Virtual Reality. He is also able to see all the design options available, change the floor, cabinets, bench top etc…

We also create a companion Ipad app that goes with each build. He can then take his new immersive architectural product with him and showcase it to friends and family. If it’s a real estate agent or a builder, he can use the app to showcase to potential investors or buyers.

The Headset

This is big news lately, Oculus Rift is ready to release their CV1 (consumer version 1) product to the entire world and believe me, soon enough everyone will have one in their household. Steam, sony, google are also all developing their own headset and it will be as common as mobile phones.

What does that mean for you?

Well, soon enough, you will be sending clients virtual models of their projects so they can walk through them whilst wearing their 3D headset.

Ok, apart from the obvious, how does that help me?



Being able to showcase a 1:1 finished product to your client. Having them walk around and explain what they would like to change or simply seeing how amazing their future house will look is a massive bonus. Any client unsure if they want to use you as an architect will have their doubts squashed in an instant as they will know everything will be seen/experienced before a shovel is even lifted.


I must say that for builders and promoters, this is going to be huge. Promoters, building developers and builders in general need a fair amount of 3D done in any case. Those static renders that goes onto all the promotional products. This is something that needs to be done regardless. In some cases, we are able to provide 1) the renders and 2) the walkthrough product for the same price that some 3D visualisation company offers the renders only. In this case, it’s a win win scenario.

Going further into the process though, we need to understand that whatever helps you sell you development faster means less interests accrued on the borrowed money. It’s not always an easy task for real estate agents. Especially if the prospective customers are geographically far or can’t read off plans etc…

With this product, they are able to grasp the finished product before its been built and that might prompt faster sales.

Real-estate Agents

Anything that can help a real estate agent sell faster should be considered as a “holy grail”. Faster sales means less interest to pay for your clients, faster commissions for you…a no brainer.


I rest my case, we personally think this product is the future and for us, the future is now! 

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