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Seeing Is Believing – How To Win Over Weary Customers With Video Content

Modern businesses operating in today’s market have a significant trust hurdle to overcome when trying to reach customers. It’s an unfortunate fact that the market is filled with businesses that make big promises without any intention of following them through – which makes it harder for businesses which are the real deal. So how can you prove to disinterested and distrusting customers that you can provide what you promise? It’s simple – show them. As a Perth video production company that has helped dozens of businesses facing this challenge, we know what video content can do for your standing with your target market.

Video Attracts Eyeballs

It’s no secret that people love video content – provided they’re not being forced to watch it as it autoplays before a video they want to watch. Research into the powers of video advertising shows that people retain a marketing message better if they receive it via video. Most customers prefer to learn about a product or service this way, and over half of customers will look for a brand’s videos before visiting their retail outlet.

So what does this mean for businesses? It means that if you create promotional video content to share on your social media platforms and landing pages that customers will seek them out and listen to what you say – provided it matches up with what you offer.

Creating Trustworthy Content

If you’re wondering how you can create content that generates trust while still being honest and promoting your business, you should remember that this is what film production companies excel at creating. Here are just a few examples of videos you could create:

  • Blind Tests – get random people to try your product or service in public. Offer taste tests of your vegan ice cream and capture people’s reactions when you tell them it has no milk in it.
  • Inspiration – Create a video showing unique or alternative uses for your product. If you offer reusable kitchen wipes, demonstrate them being used to clean spills, dry wet dishes or act as a reusable placemat during mealtimes.
  • How It’s Made – Film how it works. For example, if you promise a car clean in an hour or less, film this to show your team works together to complete the job quicker.

No matter what business you’re in, you could benefit from having more people trust in what you have to offer, and what better way to demonstrate this than through video? For more information, contact a Perth film production company like OOTB today.