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Set realistic goals for video marketing

Goals are important step in marketing campaigns. Only after you clearly defined all of  your objectives can you tailor a perfect strategy to achieve them. Most companies need to have ideas about how to set attainable goals for traditional campaigns such as newsletters, but online video marketing campaigns is a new medium and therefore, expectations need to be realistic.

Here is  a questionnaire to help you with the goal-setting.

What message are you sending with your video?

Focusing on brand awareness and videography means your video should be very different than if you are introducing a new product. Or again you could be promoting an  event which require a different type of video

You are you reaching?

Targeting is an important aspect. If your CEO is speaking at a conference and you wanna make sure that it is available to the stake holders…this would require a different strategy to making people aware of your latest product.

What happens if my video campaign is successful?

What constitutes a success? Views doesn’t automatically equate to conversions or more brand awareness. Make sure you ask yourself “what would be a successful campaign”.

How to measure success?

Whether the goal is to increase visits to your website or sales of your product, it is important to identify these goals from the start. T


Making sure that you don’t set unrealistic goals or setting goals that are too easily attained is important.

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