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Top 10 Video Editing Tips You Need To Know About

We pretty much all know how to make videos and edit them. However, we don’t all know how to make a great video. With these tips and tricks, you’ll not only be making incredible clips but also be able to create the perfect tone and feel for your video. While you’ve already focused on what type of story you want to create, you can use these tips to smash out a great video.

Tip #1: Envision Your End Product And Start From Here

There is nothing worse than beginning your editing journey, envisioning the next Tarantino production, and realizing that the software you have chosen doesn’t match your requirements. Having a clear and concise final product is the key to producing a masterpiece.

Tip #2: Choosing The Right Editing Software

Once you have envisioned your end product, it is time to choose the software that will assist you in reaching your penultimate goal. There is a wide range of free editing programs that will be able to quickly and easily help reach your editing goals.

Tip #3: Video Quality

There is nothing worse for an editor than sub-par video quality. Having the correct HD quality will allow you to quickly and easily perform edits such as color correction and transitional cuts which will keep your audience on tenterhooks.

Tip #4: Colour Counts

Complete color enhancement is vital! Colour correction ensures that no detail is lost when switching between TV, laptops or even projectors. However, the greatest reason to use a color correction is to help set the mood of the video and evoke emotion. So, make sure you choose the right editing program.

Tip #5: First Cut Rough, Then Refine

Cutting and editing scene by scene becomes a timeous chore. Make the rough cuts needed for each scene in the video before finalizing the editing of the individual scenes. By rough-cutting each scene before editing, this will greatly reduce the amount of time spent editing and re-editing. Once the rough cuts have been made you can see the flow of the video and be able to edit the scenes more effectively.

Tip #6: Use High Quality Background Audio

Have you ever watched a video where the audio is scratchy and almost inaudible? Think back to when YouTube had just begun (Perhaps you even have a cringe-worthy singing video, you know what we are talking about!) Having the right balance between over-powering and refinement holds your audiences’ attention. No matter how phenomenal the content, audio is what will get you the gold.

Tip #7: Shorter is better? Think Again.

With the ever-decreasing attention span of your audience today you would think that the shorter the video the more enticed the audience would be right? Wrong. Strategically placed pauses throughout your video may hold your audiences’ attention. This magical trick is called ‘breathing room’. Instead of cutting straight from scene to scene add a three to five-second b-roll, add some music and then back to the next scene. This trick creates both anticipation as well as prolonged audience viewership.

Tip #8: Don’t Over Complicate Things

We all want to have the best edited, most ingenious video ever. However, having spent too much time on adding in effects and fade-outs may take away from the shots that you have taken and may just end up being annoying and distracting for the viewer.

Tip #9: Know Your Audience

Video editing is a great way to allow your video to flow seamlessly and to evoke an emotional response from your audience. The question to ask yourself during this process is what your target market is? If you are a professor giving lectures via YouTube you wouldn’t want background music that distracts from your topic. Do your research on similar videos to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

Tip #10: Have Fun

Video editing may seem daunting, with terminology that quite frankly seems as though it should be part of a dog show (cue the b-roll). The most important part of editing is to go with your gut and work with what you have to create your masterpiece. At the end of the day practice makes perfect.

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