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Video in your content marketing

10 Ways to Use Video in Your Content Marketing

How much of your marketing budget is allocated to video?

Video is mostly top or middle of the funnel activity…this mean ROI is hard to prove. This is why we’ve written this article, to highlight what type of videos to consider based on different situations.

Branding Videos

Branding videos are ideal to communicate your company’s culture to prospective customers. Whether you’re sharing the brand values, brand origin, or brand mission, video immerses your audience in your story. It creates a connection with them. Something that can only be done via videos.

NOTE: When was the last time you visited a home page and didn’t see a video? Yes, it was 2008. While videos once were used only to explain complex products or solutions, now they are as likely to give a brief and engaging overview of your value proposition in two minutes or less.

Top of funnel Strategies

Advertising: As a company, you are probably running ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to drive traffic.

SEO: Use video to highlight key points. You can also use video to answer potential questions your customers may have…hence driving traffic through virtually having ready made answers for them. Video SEO can be broken into two types:

  • You produce a video and post it publicly on YouTube. If the video great, it will create a call to action which will drive traffic back to your site … but in return for YouTube’s incredible reach and rank.
  • The video and supporting text will help the page itself to move up the ranking pages, meaning that traffic earned by the video is highly likely to stay on your site. It’s possible to pursue both approaches simultaneously, but best to have some variations between the videos.

Middle of funnel

Educational content: Whether a piece of thought leadership, tips or a practical guide, educational videos is a great marketing tool. Create short and entertaining videos about how your products can be used in an amazing way.

Great content can be also posted on social media, creating “re-shares”. These re-shares will generate free traffic to your product/site.

Carte Noire

Easy Slow Cooker Desserts

Bottom of funnel

About Us: Many think of bottom-of-the-funnel activities as those related to product features, price, etc. But customers in the market for an expensive product or long-term service relationship are just as interested in the “who” as they are in the “what” or “how much.” When two providers are close on quality and price, perceived trustworthiness and commitment to service often are the deciding factors.

Time-sensitive promotions: You’re using price breaks to close warm or stuck leads. Why not invest in video for something simple and numbers-driven like price promotions? A typical consumer gets over 10 promotional emails per day. Your price promotion will not perform well if it’s not seen – and video helps to increase open rates. Plus the richer experience of videos – music, sound effects, voice, etc. – drive home what’s special about your promotion.

PR and external communications

Rapid response to hot topics: Print is the easiest medium to produce and manage – once a statement is approved and locked down, everything else is copy and paste. But what’s the hidden cost of leaving the reader “unsupervised”? Video lets you marry tone and words, control the pace at which viewers move through a piece of content, and direct their eyes and ears to points of emphasis.

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