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A guide to video marketing for marketing and brand managers

Why Video Marketing Should Be A Crucial Part Of Your Strategy

If you’re in the advertising or marketing industry, you’ll have heard for nearly a decade now how video is the future. The predicted growth of video viewing online has been rapidly increased, and it’s estimated that by 2021 over 80% of all content circulating will be video. Integrating a well-planned and produced video – or series of videos – into your marketing campaign can boost engagement, shares, and ultimately turnover significantly in a short period of time. Still not convinced? Here are a few extra facts:

Huge Improvements In Your ROI

Globally, over 83% of business owners have attested that video marketing has been the most effective means of boosting sales and conversions. In terms of your marketing strategy, investing a substantial portion of your budget in video that can be utilised on several different platforms and convey a range of messages is by far your best bet for ROI.

Video Is The Leading Form of Content Consumed Online… And It’s Ever-growing

82% of Twitter users watch video content on the platform, while almost half of Facebook users spend more than an hour a day watching videos. In terms of time spent online, currently a third of total time is spent on watching videos. Video has captured the interest and attention of a global audience more than any other form of communication, which makes traditional advertising tactics like newspaper and radio ads look very redundant in this era.

Don’t Fall Behind When Your Competition Is Already Using Video Marketing

More than 81% of businesses are currently integrating video marketing and unique video content as part of their advertising strategies. Alongside having a digital presence and social media accounts to interact with customers and potential clients, your business needs to speak to the audience in the language they prefer – which, in this case, is video.

Build Trust And Be Where Most People Are

Several consumers have stated that they had increased interest in a product after viewing a video about it, while their trust in the brand also grew. Video assists in making concepts, companies and people more relatable and real to the end-user, making them feel that what they’re interacting with or viewing is more approachable. The majority of online viewers are using their phones to watch videos on the go during their days, so ensuring that your videos are mobile-friendly is crucial.

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