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Why we choose to work with only 20 SEO clients


, Why we choose to work with only 20 SEO clients

SEO clients come to us because they need a steady stream of buyers coming to their websites.

We want to offer a truly premium service to our customers. We want to be reachable when they need to, we want to be able to answer questions on the spot and not wait for 2-3 days for an account manager to talk to a lead generator, who talks to a link specialist. We can only offer our inclusive and done-for-you service to 2o clients. Truth is…over the years we found that communication and transparency is key to getting a great business. That is why through trial and error, we came up with a graph of how many clients is too many and what is the perfect number.


, Why we choose to work with only 20 SEO clients


If you’re looking for someone to take away all the stress of your marketing, we’ll be a good fit. Complete 24 hour access to all the tools necessary to track your conversions, ranking, traffic, ad spend, ROI. You’ll become part of an exclusive group of clients that get access to the most tested developments in the industry, we will take care of everything.

This brings me to my last point, which is enormously important. You can continue getting chased around by SEOs pushing the latest gimmick. Or, if we both like what you see, we may be able to work together, in which case you don’t have to think about it anymore. You can sleep at night knowing someone isn’t going to try to impress you with rankings but rather with revenue.

Focusing on ranking is all well and good and that is what 99% of internet marketing companies do…but unfortunately getting to number one for a non converting keyword or having a poor website which prevents conversion etc… is part of the equation too…

So…don’t wait any longer and give us a call

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